Sunday, August 09, 2015

Knee Joint preservation gets young lady back to her feet.

What is Joint Preservation surgery? 

Joint preservation is a new concept in Orthopaedic surgery which entails the preservation of the natural joint for prolonged periods without the need to replace it by a metal prosthesis. It consists of early diagnosis and surgical methods to address joint problems at an early stage. If the damaged tissues can be repaired/ regenerated successfully, then the joint can be restored to a healthy state and will give more mileage.
The Knee joint offers Orthopaedic surgeons plenty of opportunities for preservation for the following reasons. 
1) It is the largest joint 
2) It is the commonest joint to be injured
3) It is easily accessible for examination.
4) It can be easily treated with minimally invasive surgery. 

See how a joint preservation surgery restored a young woman's knee back to normal in this press release. Visit for more information. 

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